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My son would exclaim, "Thirty-five years of dentistry!" Why do children always highlight time? He is just a kid turning 40 next spring with triplets who turn 2 this month and will put him in his place. But it is true, after 30 years of caring for friends and families at Omega Dental Care, I have much to be thankful for! During my time with you, I've seen countless changes in the ways we care for our teeth and even in the ways we think about dental care. New dental technologies have always fascinated me, and over the years, I've incorporated many new technologies and procedures into my practice.

For example, I've seen more and more dentists not strictly adhering to what's called "traditional dental practices". You might see titles like "natural dentist" or "holistic dentist" on their websites. While I don't have any of those titles on mine, I do practice some procedures that might be considered natural or holistic. Many of these methods employ newer technologies, and they have a smaller perceived impact on the whole body.

In 1992, we introduced the dental laser and have updated through the years as the technology has improved. Around that time in the early '90s, we also acquired digital x-rays. In 2005 we purchased Cerec technology, allowing us to offer one visit crowns. We updated in 2015 and are updating that technology again this year. It's amazing! in 2011, we made 3D imaging available to our patients. Other technologies and procedures have been beneficial to our patients. Over the last 10 years, we have introduced myofunctional orthodontics as an option for our patients. While nontraditional orthodontics is not the answer for everyone, it works for many people who prefer a gentler type of orthodontic treatment.

Even with all the new technology and treatments that have been introduced, we can't solve every dental problem that our patients face. In these cases, we still use a trusted team of specialists to help out patients. For example, using 3D imaging, a technology we've had at Omega Dental for about eight years, we can see the issues that affect general health as well as dental health. When a person breathes through their mouth because they can't breathe adequately through their nose, can actually negatively affect the way their teeth and face grow and develop. While we have the tools here to detect some issues, we don't always have the tools or the expertise to completely address the problem. In those cases, I refer to one of our appropriate specialists to treat the patient in the best way possible. For example, we often depend on ear, nose, and throat specialist in the case of a compromising breathing issue.


Having more choices for procedures in the office ensures that each patient, whether they be a long-term friend of the office or a new patient seeking care, can receive the best personalized care. My team and I make it a goal of ours to stay on the cutting edge for all our patients. With all the ways that dentistry has evolved and changed, every dentist has their preference on the tools they like to work with and the procedures that they specialize in. Most dentists would agree that the goal of having the best technology to suit our patients' needs is to aid in improving smiles and the health of the patients. At Omega Dental Care, that's what we strive to do every time a patient walks through the door.

We want to thank all our patients we serve. It is our pleasure to offer you our best care.

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