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3. Today, purchase the best sonic toothbrush you can. I recommend the Sonicare with complete confidence. This toothbrush has shown to be extremely effective in reducing biofilms, plaque, gingival bleeding, and gingival pocketing. Studies have shown that the fluid dynamic activity generated by the sonic vibrations removed plaque up to a distance of 3-4mm beyond the bristle tips of the toothbrush! According to the manufacturer, our patient users, and our clinical observations, you will see whiter teeth in one week and healthier gums in two weeks. Healing of soft tissues usually takes 10-14 days and with regular use of the Sonicare, you will see and feel a difference.




SAVING$:  Use the right tool for the job (removing the disease-causing bacteria) and you will prevent a lot of dental disease. Prevention really is cheaper than treatment (less pain in the mouth and the wallet!) Sonicare toothbrush cost range: simplest model $79.00-DiamondClean with all the bells & whistles $150.00 online-$250.00 in retail stores vs. $1000.00-$3000.00 for gum treatments. (numbers do not even consider restoring cavities!) Learn more about sonic toothbrushes vs. manual toothbrushes…


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