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2. DON’T DELAY! Take care of needed treatment before it becomes more complicated & more expensive. The longer you delay dental treatment, you are guaranteeing that it will cost you more, and if you choose no treatment… it will cost you even more, more than you may realize! Problems left to themselves do not go away. They get bigger and more painful. A small cavity, once it penetrates through the enamel, can advance rapidly. Once it reaches the nerve of the tooth, you have the option of a root canal or extraction. Now you have gone from perhaps a couple hundred dollars to several thousand to save the tooth. Well, then just extract it you say. Most people won't say that unless it is far enough back that it won't be noticed. But our body notices! Lost teeth contribute to (just to name a few) poor bite, poor chewing, possible TMJ problems, and poor facial support (can you recall what Popeye looked like? Google it!) 

The various replacements for lost teeth are not cheap. From a simple temporary partial dentures to porcelain bridges to full dental implants, you will be paying hundreds to thousands of dollars more than you would have paid for a little simple filling. 

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    SAVING$: $150-300 for a smaller filling vs. $$$Thousands for root canals, crowns, implants, or even partials or dentures.

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