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Put out the fire!

Flame Blower

Glucose is like a high octane fuel for our bodies. When everything is working smoothly like a finely tuned engine, our cells convert this sugar (glucose) into energy. BUT, as excess glucose increases in our bloodstream (for example as in diabetes), it acts like spilled fuel catching fire. That fire is inflammation and may become chronic. Oftentimes, your dentist may be the first healthcare provider who sees this “chronic fire” showing up in your mouth. Diabetics, pre-Diabetics or those with Metabolic Syndrome often suffer from red, tender, and bleeding gums. Your dentist will probably suggest a visit to your physician if she/he suspects more than dental plaque as a contributor to gum disease. This suggestion is just as important as the gum therapy your dentist may also recommend. Listen to the signs of disease. Do your part to put out the fire!

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