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Functional Orthodontics to Create Beautiful Smiles

Functional Orthodontic Treatment

Over the years orthodontic breakthroughs have resulted in new treatments that help to create a better functioning, longer lasting and more aesthetically pleasing smile. Functional orthodontic treatments focus on correcting the source of the problems such as mouth breathing, retrognathic profiles (retruded chin), and small dental arches with crowded teeth. Functional orthodonctic treatments are available to help correct a variety of problems and conventional braces may or may not be part of the needed treatment. The Trainer System and the Myobrace System are two examples of Functional Orthodontics. Serving the Plymouth area Omega Dental has access to the following cutting-edge treatments.

The T4K Trainer SystemDeveloped to correct bad oral habits that could negatively impact a child’s appearance, the Trainer System easily and effectively corrects bad habits such as mouth breathing, thumb sucking, and tongue thrusting, which all cause problematic facial and dental development. If used when a child is young, the Trainer System helps you to avoid costly and uncomfortable treatments down the road.

The MyoBrace SystemBased on the time-proven concepts underlying traditional retainers, the Myobrace System takes the place of braces for some patients. It only has to be worn overnight and two additional hours per day for excellent results. Made of a soft, silicone material, it has a hard inner core that helps to properly space the teeth and move them into their proper positions.

These functional orthodontic treatments are available right here in Eden Prairie serving Plymouth and surrounding areas. Talk to us about how one or more of these systems could make a difference for you or your child.

Functional Orthodontic Therapy

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