Botox Medical Therapy

You may not have heard about Botox therapy for head, neck, and/or facial pain. The same effects of Botox that reduces the appearance of wrinkles (relaxing muscles) is used to reduce the intensity of muscle contractions.

Intense and/or prolonged muscle contractions of our masticatory muscles (those muscles used for chewing) can cause pain and damage to our teeth. Pain can be in the contracted muscle or can be referred to a distant site. Severe clenching and grinding of the teeth can cause the teeth to chip, break, or even need root canal treatments. 

Using Botox therapeutically by placing it into the offending muscle(s), can reduce or even eliminate the muscle pathology. This can not only eliminate pain, but stop the clenching and grinding of the teeth. Muscle pain and grinding of the teeth often occurs along with headaches and neck pain. 

Botox treatment is highly effective for many types head, neck, and facial pain. To see a short video explaining Botox therapy for TMD pain and more, click here.

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