Veneers and Porcelain Restorations


The term "veneers" can include several types of coverings for teeth. Veneers can be made of true porcelain, modified or enhanced porcelains such as some proprietary porcelains, and even composite materials (sometimes referred to as plastic). Porcelain veneers can be custom made for you by a dental laboratory. The beauty of these restorations are unequaled by other methods if a top laboratory builds your porcelain veneers.  The composite type of veneers can be customized in the mouth and can be truly beautiful. (It's a labor of love! We are also very good at it.) There is a third option. Pre-fabricated porcelain veneers which can be fitted to your teeth directly or to models of your teeth. This method can be considered "semi'customized". Even with this method, you can be sure that we will deliver the absolute best result possible.

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