I'm here because I want my child/myself to: 

  • Have More Confidence
  • Smile More Often
  • Improve Cognitive Performance
  • Improve Physical Performance

Start by observing your child or yourself.

Here are 9 signs of inhibited breathing.

1. Mouth Hangs Open at Rest
2. Dark Circles Under Eyes
3. Poor Posture
4. Crowded teeth
5. Snoring
6. Allergies
7. Sick often
8. Regularly tired
9. Trouble focusing

Does your child have more than 2 of them?


Start Early!

Waiting until all permanent teeth have come through to begin treatment with braces can, unfortunately, lead to irreversible damage affecting not only the teeth but also the child’s overall health and development.

Poor Myofunctional habits (poor oral habits) are evident before all permanent teeth are present, which means treatment of the causes can begin much earlier than originally thought. This can be as early as three years of age.

Functional Jaw Orthodontics uses the muscles of the face (chewing muscles, lips, tongue...) to encourage and promote proper growth and development of teeth and jaws.

Want to learn more? Visit the International Association for Orthodontics.

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