Chandra, Dental Hygienist

Chandra is passionate about two things: 1. Educating her patients on their dental hygiene and 2. The Minnesota Vikings. She specializes in caring for patients with dental anxiety as well as making everyone feel welcomed and cared for.

Chandra has a degree in Biology along with her Dental Hygiene degree and takes pride in furthering her education across all fields of study. When she's not working, she enjoys spending time with family, camping, and crafting.

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Katrina, Dental Hygienist

Katrina is a sweet and kind dental hygienist. All her patients speak highly of her charm and poise. She is from a small town, Breckenridge, Minnesota. She spent her first two years out of school working in Fergus Falls, MN and has recently moved to the cities to further her career. 

Outside of work, Katrina enjoys being at the lake, being a spectator at any type of sporting event, participating in volleyball and kickball leagues, and spending time with family, friends, and her dog. 

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Mary Kate, Dental Hygienist

Mary Kate grew up in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. She moved to the cities after practicing as a dental hygienist near her hometown for 3 years. Mary Kate strives to be constantly learning so that she can provide the very best care to her patients. She recently furthered her education by earning a bachelor's of science degree in dental hygiene from Metropolitan State University. Her patients appreciate her friendly demeanor and compassionate approach towards dentistry. Mary Kate loves spending time outside, especially in the sunshine with her horses. 


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