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Adult Cosmetic Braces

The term "Adult Cosmetic Braces" is meant to differentiate this type of treatment from Traditional braces and Ceramic braces. With Adult Cosmetic Braces, the orthodontic patient is seeking only to straighten/align the front teeth in the shortest time possible for esthetic purposes only. This type of orthodontic treatment is not intended to accomplish what full orthodontic treatment can do. For example, full orthodontic treatment can change how your posterior (back) teeth fit together if there is a problem. Cosmetic Braces focus on the anterior (front) teeth. Ceramic brackets and esthetic (white or frosted) wires are used to correct crooked teeth in your presenting smile (the teeth that show when you smile). Treatment is shorter and easier. You can enjoy beautiful results in as little time as six months. 

This is a great way to improve your smile if you are an adult not wanting a long committment of braces. Ask us if you may be a candidate for Adult Cosmetic Braces.

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